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Three Head Led Grow Light Bulbs 15W 15 Bulbs Clip on Plant Grow lamp with Flexible 360 Degree Gooseneck and Three Separate Control Switches for Indoor Plants Hydroponics Greenhouse Organic Office Home

Product Features:

    Product description: Are you tired of moving your plants here and there, all the time be worried about that they didn't get enough sunshine, couldn't overcome the cold weather, grow up to a ugly shape or won' give enough fruitage?  If yes,that's why we come today, bring you this…
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Product Description

Product description:
Are you tired of moving your plants here and there, all the time be worried about that they didn’t get enough sunshine, couldn’t overcome the cold weather, grow up to a ugly shape or won’ give enough fruitage?  If yes,that’s why we come today, bring you this excellent Triple Head LED Desk Clip Grow Light.
Another good news is that the growing light is high energy saving , every 1000 hours, it only consumes 15 kWh electric. 
It offers blue and red light which meet needs for plant’s all growing stage from seeding to bearing fruit. It has 3 separated controlled head with 360°flexible gooseneck , that means its a 360°coverage of plants light.  Besides, this is a convenient portable desk light With strong clip base, it may be put in many different places,somewhat convenient.

Some tips:
◇ The red LED: 3pcs with wavelength 620-630nm, rich sources in red light are more efficient and beneficial for photosynthesis, best for flowering and seed production. 
◇ The blue LED:2pcs with wavelength of 460nm, blue light is more necessary for chlorophyll and carotenoid, good for the photosynthesis, best for promoting the stem and leaf. 
◇ Put the grow lights about 10″ to 16″ far away from your plants, then it won’t burn leaves. 
◇ Turn on the grow lights 5-8 hours/day, DO NOT make your plants in photosynthetic at all times, they need rest too. 
◇ Remember to keep enough water for the plants when you use the grow light. 
◇ Keep the grow light away from water or anywhere where they are going to get wet

Power :15W
  LED Qty: 15pcs, (3Red+2Blue)*3 
Input Voltage: AC85~265V 
Current: 300 MA 
Lumen: 2500-3200lm 
Frequency: 50~60Hz 
Environment: -20~40℃, 45%~95%RH 
What are included in the package?  
1 x Triple Head LED Desk Clip Growing Light

Product Features

  • 【HIGH ENERGY SAVING & SAFE】- With latest technology, our light can save 80% more electric than the traditional ones. Save your electricity bills and reduce consumption. What’s more, there is no UV and IR radiation, no mercury and other harmful heavy metal, its environmental protection and didn’t hurt users’ eyes. Of course, looking at the light directly is not advised, its so bright you know.
  • 【LASTEST EFFICIENT PLANG LIGHT】- Our Three head LED grow lamp/light offers quite bright light which accelerate photosynthesis in plants’ all growing stages like natural sunshine, from germinated seedling to fruit filled mature. Including 6 blue 9 Red light helps plants grow faster, be more healthier and looks more ornamental. Generally speaking promotion can be seen within 1 to 2 weeks’ time after use the light in daily bases.
  • 【SUPER HEAT DISSIPATION】- With high thicken Aluminum Shell Design, the light has excellent heat dissipation ability, better heat transfer, give these light safer and longer service span of OVER 3,5000 hours. Our lights are widely used in balconies, greenhouses, darkroom, office, especially when the plants need extra light in raining, snowing, at midnight indoor, etc. Would be better to keep the distance between the light and plant about 1.6-3.4ft.
  • 【360° Flexible GOSSENECK & CLIP BASE design】- You can adjust the irradiation to any direction with the flexible gooseneck, 3 bulbs are controlled separately, giving you more choice to operate. There is also a clip designed base with protective sponge, which can not only stand on the flat stably but also clamp on somewhere firmly.
  • 【 NOT JUST PROTECT FOR WINTER 】- These Growing light Bulbs are attractive in any indoor setting. In early spring with lights protect seedlings standing up straighter and growing faster. Herbs may stay the same size for years under an Air Vent in summer. But they can get enough heat and energy from growing lights.In days may have a nice change in the growth of your honey.Extra sunlight in the winter is a blessing and now you can have it in any room in your home.