Tuesday , September 22nd 2020
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Benefits of Portable Greenhouses

What are portable greenhouses and how can you tell one from the other?  Portable greenhouses (or pop up greenhouses) are simply a smaller, portable version of the basic greenhouse we are all used to. Basically, any greenhouse that is small and compact enough to be moved around is considered to be a portable greenhouse.

Just because these portable greenhouses are smaller versions of the home greenhouse, they are still just as useful. LIke the bigger greenhouses, these portable greenhouses cover the plants and keep wind, frost and other weather away from them.

There are many great uses for the portable greenhouse which you could take advantage of and which would give you good cause to buy one. To begin, portable greenhouses have an open bottom feature which is very convenient and makes using your portable greenhouse super simple.

For example, even if at your home you have just a few plants growing in a pond or a garden, you could open the bottom of your portable greenhouse and just set it right over top of the space.

Another great feature is that some portable greenhouses are collapsible. A collapsible greenhouse is often called a pop-up greenhouse.

The collapsible portable greenhouses work especially well when traveling or even when you wish to fold it away for the winter. These fold down with just the touch of a button, so they are foolproof and take no time at all.

Perhaps you are one of the many gardeners who sell plants, and if you travel to different markets around the world or even only in your area, you could use a portable greenhouse.

These smaller greenhouses cost about $400 on average while a regular greenhouse can cost upwards of a few thousand dollars, so having a small collapsible portable greenhouse is a sure win for the small and traveling gardener. If you want to buy a portable greenhouse, you can check out any of the local greenhouse stores near where you live, and you should be able to find at least a decent selection.

The best idea is to look for one that requires very little setup time, so anything between ten minutes to a half hour would be preferable. If you are in need of a portable greenhouse (for whatever reason that may be), you are probably not interested in spending more than a half hour to set up anyway.

Also, before deciding on which greenhouse to buy, try lifting it to see how it feels. Some portable greenhouses are much heavier than others, and without it being cheap, you want to find a lightweight, portable greenhouse. This way you know it is going to be easy to carry and not be a huge heavy hassle carting it around.

Yes, greenhouses have reached a whole new height of popularity. So if you’re an avid traveler who does a lot of traveling or if you have a small garden you wish to protect, a portable greenhouse might be just a great option for you.

Here’s a great example of a portable or pop-up greenhouse:

Best Choice Products 3-Tier 8-Shelf Portable Outdoor Mini Garden Walk-in Greenhouse

Best Choice Products 3-Tier 8-Shelf Portable Outdoor Mini Garden Walk-in Greenhouse

Best Choice Products 3-Tier 8-Shelf Portable Outdoor Mini Garden Walk-in Greenhouse

This Best Choice Products 3-Tier 8-Shelf Walk-in Greenhouse is substantially lower priced than we estimated above in the review and offers an excellent value for the money.  It is small enough to fit in just about any yard, or even on most decks and patios.  Yet it offers a lot of shelf space for starting and over-wintering plants.

The frame is made of rust-resistant tubing which is important in a greenhouse.  The combination of humidity and fertilizer salts can rust untreated metal frames out quickly.  With eight shelves, there’s plenty of room for small plants and starter trays.  Each shelf is rated at 33-pound capacity, so big pots aren’t going to be a problem.  Everything is sealed in with a zippered door for easy access, and vents to prevent overheating.


  • Weather Resistant, protect your plants and seedlings from wind, rain, or snow.
  • Lots of growing space in a small footprint.
  • Strong powder coated steel frame.
  • Built-in shelving makes maximum use of available space.
  • The price is unbelievably low!