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ASSR Greenhouse Support Hoops with Protective Row Cover, 6Pack Adjustable 4ft Long Garden Grow Tunnel with Non-Woven 0.9oz Row Cover for Garden Greenhouse Frost UV Protection

Product Features:

    SPECIFICATIONSHoop Material: Steel with Plastic CoatedRow Cover Material: Non-wovenHoop Size: Total Length/4ft Long, Arch Size/18.9" H x 18.9"WRow Cover Size: 3.6m(L)x1m(W)/11.8ft(L)x3.3ft(W)Recommended Grow Tunnel Size: 10ft long x 18.9"wide x18.9"high. (Length can be adjusted according to your needs)Package Included6 Pcs Greenhouse Hoops1 Pcs Non-woven Row CoverInstructions for Use1.Gathering all materials2.Bend…
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Product Description

Hoop Material: Steel with Plastic Coated
Row Cover Material: Non-woven
Hoop Size: Total Length/4ft Long, Arch Size/18.9″ H x 18.9″W
Row Cover Size: 3.6m(L)x1m(W)/11.8ft(L)x3.3ft(W)
Recommended Grow Tunnel Size: 10ft long x 18.9″wide x18.9″high. (Length can be adjusted according to your needs)

Package Included
6 Pcs Greenhouse Hoops
1 Pcs Non-woven Row Cover

Instructions for Use
1.Gathering all materials
2.Bend the hoops
3.Outline your low tunnel greenhouse
4.Put your hoops in place
5.Tie a ridgeline
6.Time to place the cover
7.Tie down the ends with pins

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Product Features

  • ⚘ MINI GREENHOUSE GROW TUNNEL-6 Pack Steel with Plastic Coated Hoops and 0.9oz Row Cover for UV Frost Protection, Harsh Weather ResistanceSeed Germination, 10ft x 18.9″x18.9″(Recommended Combination Cover Size)
  • ⚘ LIGHTWEIGHTDURABLE-Protect your crops against insect damage. It can be used for seed germination frost protection. Easy storage grow tunnel,Sides lift for easy access and ventilation.
  • ⚘ UV PROTECTION-High-quality non-woven fabric is UV stabilized and reusable, and allows air and moisture to reach your plants.
  • ⚘ FEATURES-Use hoops to support garden row covers, protecting plants from frost, insects, birds, or intense sun.
  • ⚘ EASE TO USE-Comes complete with spare parts needed for set up. Washable, Reusable, and Lightweight.